Shrub With Purple Leaves And Pink Flowers

Shrub With Purple Leaves And Pink Flowers

If your garden have a pink color scheme which comprise a variety of pink colored plants, some shrubs which have purple leaves and pink flowers might be one option to cater for this environment. Compared with the common green-leaf shrubs, the pink foliage can provide a distinct view for your colorful backyard. The beautiful pink blossoms can effectively attract a variety of insects and birds to your garden in spring and summer, which bring fun to you and your family as well.

As one of the popular purple-leaf shrub varieties, the Chinese fringe flowers are cultivated in thousands of gardens. Originated from Eastern Asian countries, this plant is an evergreen shrub which has a long history of cultivation for hundreds of years. Currently, there are a number hybrid versions of this plant which can resist harsh environment and produce beautiful flowers in summer. Red-leaf fringe flower is a popular variety which can survive cold climates and locations. They can grow more than 6 feet in height with a similar spread. Their leaves have a texture similar to leather which can keep the leaflets warm in cold winter days. During cold days, the color of the foliage will turn into brown, bringing a sense of autumn for your fall garden. Their fragrant pink flowers can bring a lot of fun to you and your family as well.

Generally, the fringe flowers like to grow in well-drained soil conditions with a slightly acidic environment. They cannot absorb nutrients well in alkaline soil. So you should make a soil test before planting these plants. Although they prefer to grow in full sunlight locations, they can also survive in partial shade environment as well. Adequate sunlight will bring colorful blossoms in flowering season. You should ensure that they get adequate water for their growth, otherwise their leaves will wither quickly which is a distinctive sign of water shortage.

Image provided By Pete Pattavina, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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