Shrub With Orange Berries

Shrub With Orange Berries

Shrubs are very common gardening plants and some of them can produce delicious berry fruits in autumn. Some of these berries can still available in cold winter which can be a good choice to decorate your winter garden. As a color representing the harvesting autumn, orange is many people’s favorite color and they can perfectly match your color scheme for your autumn garden. Some shrubs can bear attractive orange berries which can be a good option for decorating your backyard.

Seaberry is a common home-grown shrub plant which can grow up to 25 feet in height. It is hardy plants which can resist many harsh environment to survive. Beside the landscaping value of the foliage of the shrub, they can also produce delicious and nutritious orange berries in autumn. The berries contain adequate vitamins for you and your family. They can also feed wild animals or birds in your garden as well. Like many plants, the female plants need a male plant to cross-pollinate to produce fruits. They prefer well-drained soil conditions and adequate sunlight to grow happily.

Firethorn is another variety of shrub which are also popular in many gardens. They have dense dark green foliage and prefer well-drained soil to grow well. Although they can tolerate some partial shade environment, they still like to grow in full sun conditions. They can reach more than 15 feet in height and can bear beautiful orange fruits in harvesting season. Some dwarf varieties can also grow about 5 feet high and they are mainly cultivated for decorating purposes.

Image provided By JLPC (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

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