Shrub Pruning Times

Shrub Pruning Times

Shrub plants can provide great landscaping values to your garden. Like most plants, they need proper pruning work from time to time to maintain their shape and health. For different species of shrubs such as deciduous and evergreen categories you should use different pruning strategies. The timing is one of the pruning factors which will ensure the quality of the pruning work. Different types of shrubs’ pruning time should be different with each other.

Most deciduous shrubs are famous for their beautiful blossoms in spring. The pruning time for these plants usually depends on the amount of work required and other conditions like weather etc. For those which are growing fast or have not been pruned for a long time, a large amount of work is needed to make it tidy. These plants should be pruned earlier than other plants, ideally in the later winter or early spring when the growth is not started yet. For those shrub plants needing just minor pruning work, you should perform the pruning work after the blooming of flowers. It enable the shrubs to have enough time to grow new buds while keep the beauty of blossoms for a long time. For those shrubs which bloom in summer days, the ideal pruning time is in the early spring before the growth starts. Some shrubs will produce high-quality foliage or barks instead of flowers. They should also be pruned in the early spring before the growth starts up.

Apart deciduous shrubs, there are a number of evergreen shrubs such as juniper shrubs etc. Like their deciduous relatives, these evergreen ones should be pruned before the start-up of the growth as well. The pruning point should be located above the side branches. For pine trees, the ideal pruning time should be in summer time during June or July.

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