Shrub Identification Guide

Shrub Identification Guide

Identification of shrub can be a very hard job even for those experienced masters. This document will provide a general guide to teach you how to differentiate different type of shrubs. You need adequate knowledge of most shrub families and genus, and have enough practice to differentiate similar plants. There are usually some shrubs which are nearly the same as their relatives. So, sometimes the process of identification needs some patience and a close observation to certify its name. Among all traces for the identification, the shape of leaves is commonly used ones.

Generally, there are a number of characteristics for shrub leaves including arrangement, vein orientation, leaf shape, surface texture and so on. The most three common leaf arrangement on stem is alternate arrangement, opposite arrangement and ring arrangement. Apart from the arrangement, vein orientation is another way to help you to identify the shrubs. Normally, two type of vein orientations, namely, central vein in the middle with small veins as branches and radiated veins from a central point.

Additionally, you can take advantage of another important factor to identify shrub leaves: leaf shape. Each type of shrub has its own shape which also has certain leaf apex and base. Also, you can easily check the texture of the surface to differentiate different leaves. Normally, most shrub leaves has the following factors: short hairs, star shaped hairs, sticky surface, dense hairs etc.

Apart from leaves, you can use the following parts to separate one type of shrub from another: The type of buds, Stem appearance, Stem surface appearance, Stem structures, Follower color and appearance, Fruits and so on. This document is only a simple guide to identify shrub plants. You should ask for help from professionals if you have any questions.

Image Provided By Aldude999 (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 ( or GFDL (], via Wikimedia Commons

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