Shore Pine Tree

Shore Pine Tree

As a native tree in the coast of the United States, the shore pine trees are common landscaping trees which are often planted as wind breaks. They can tolerate various soil conditions such as clay soil or loam soil. Generally, fully grown trees can reach 50 feet in height with a similar spread. Their trunks are normally twisted instead of being straight as most trees. For those trees planted in coastal areas where there are strong winds, they will appear to be more twisted than others.

They prefer well-drained soil conditions and full sunlight during the daytime. They prefer moist weathers because of the damp climate in their natural wild coastal areas. However, they cannot live in flooding water for a long time because their root will rot quickly. They can also resist the salty soil conditions well so that they are good options for homes located around coastal areas. Usually shore pine trees are planted in backyards as a wind break to block strong winds in spring and winter. To form an effective wind wall, each individual tree should be spaced about 10 feet apart from each other. To maximize their wind blocking capability, they should be planted in one or two rows in a staggering way.

Shore pine trees are low maintenance trees and you do not need to spend too much time on their growth. Some pruning work can make them look tidy and clean. All pruning work should be done in winter when they are in their dormant period. The lower branches near the ground should be removed to improve the visibility. Also, those dead and ill branches should be trimmed off as well.

Image provided by Jim Champion [CC-BY-SA-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

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