Shallow Rooted Shrubs

Shallow Rooted Shrubs

Some shrubs have shallow roots which enable them to absorb water from the surface of the ground. The advantage of this type of roots is that they can get the water adequately if there is enough water from irrigation or raining. The best place to plant such shrubs is in a slightly slope. This can prevent the roots from soaking on the water and for landscaping purposes as well.

Some board-leave evergreen shrubs such as Boxwoods and barberries have shallow roots. They should be planted in partial shade areas with moderate level of sunlight. They like well-drained soil and a place without strong winds. Some species can tolerate high level of sunlight such as camellias and Boxwoods while other cannot. Well-drained soil should be used for their roots to prevent them from rotting.

Lilacs is another popular species of shallow-root shrub for gardening purposes. They can bloom beautiful flowers which are often used by artists and poets. Unlike most shrub plants, original lilacs like to grow in cold climates. There are also some modified versions of lilacs which can be grown in warm zones. Similar to other shallow-root plants, Lilacs prefer well-drained nutritious soil to grow happily.

Viburnums is an all-year-long shrub species which can bring good views for your garden all the time. Today there are a variety of viburnum plants available from nurseries. Some of them are evergreen plants while some are deciduous. Some of them have beautiful flowers in summer. The fruits will ripen in autumn which can be a good source to attract birds and insects.

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