Shade Loving Trees

Shade Loving Trees

Although there are many trees which can tolerate a certain level of shades, there are not trees which can live without sunlight. In this sense, the shade loving characteristics is a relative term instead of an absolute one. There are a number of trees which can grow well in shade environment than the other trees. However, most of them need at least four or five hours of sunlight during a day to grow happily and healthy.

The magnolia tree is one of the ancient tree species which have lived on earth for millions of years. Since their ancestries usually live in the shading area under other high trees, they have great ability to resist the shading environments. Magnolia trees are deciduous trees and they can produce attractive blossoms in spring and summer. However, the flower of each magnolia species is usually different from other species. For instance, star magnolia trees have white star-shaped petals while the sweetbay magnolia trees have the wide petals on their cupped blossoms. Most of them like well-drained soil and moist conditions.

The dogwoods tree is another popular shade love tree family which are cultivated in hundreds of gardens. They produce special types of flowers and they have the ability to resist a certain level of shading environment. Like magnolia trees, they like well-drained soil conditions as well. Some famous members of the dogwood family include the kousa and pagoda trees. All of them have flowers having four or six petals. The flowers of these trees have a variety of colours which can be a good choice for decorating your spring garden.

Although not as famous as the above two species, the Amelanchiers are chosen by some gardeners as the candidates for planting in the shading areas. Apart from beautiful flowers, they are also famous for their berry fruits. They can resist shading conditions as well as the cold climates. It can be a good choice if your home is not located in a warm zone.

Image provided By Steve Karg [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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