Scabies and Tea Tree Oil

Scabies and Tea Tree Oil

Usually caused by the bite of a parasitic mite called Sarcoptes scabieo, Scabies is a type of skin disease which is contagious among people. There are some natural herbal remedies which have positive effects on this disease, and application of tea tree oil is one of these methods. Since this disease can be transferred from person to person via close contact with infected patients, care should be taken to apply immediate remedies on it. The general feeling of infected skin is itchy red lumps on multiple areas of the skin. These areas will become dry and inflamed if left unattended.

Since your skin cannot cure this disease by itself, some external remedies should be implemented for the treatment. Among all current remedies, some natural herbal ways are approved to be effective and safe, and the tea tree oil is one of them. Actually, ancient aboriginal people in Australia have been using this herbal solution to treat a variety of skin disorders for hundreds of years. It is proved to have positive effects on multiple skin infections because of its antiseptic, antifungal and antibacterial properties. For scabies, tea tree oil is mainly used to soothing the infected area thorough its antibacterial elements. It is an absolute natural way which brings the least side effects on the human body.

The tea tree oil must be diluted before applying directly on the skin. Undiluted oil will cause irritation on the skin and exaggerate the symptom. You can use a tablespoon of tea tree oil and dilute them with plenty of water. Then, put the infected skin into the solution for about half an hour. Then you can rub some diluted tea tree oil solution using a cotton stick on the infected area on your body. Also, you should do a thorough cleaning on your house and bed to ensure that the mites are totally removed from your living environment.

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