Saskatoon Fruit

Saskatoon Fruit

Originated from America, saskatoon fruit shrub is a native fruiting shrub which can tolerate a number of conditions. They won’t bear any fruits until they have been growing for about three or four years. The fruits can be used as a food resource for a number of purposes like jam. Recently, people gradually realize the delicious taste of the fruits and begin to plant the shrubs commercially for the fruits.

Generally, there are a number of ways to plant saskatoon fruits into your garden such as via seeding or cuttings. The simplest way to grow a plant is through the seeds. However, the seeds cannot guarantee that the new plant have the same feature and characteristics as its parenting trees. Planting trees via cutting can clone the original tree efficiently and grow quicker, but the root system is not easy to establish at the first couple of weeks. You need apply adequate water for them to establish a healthy and robust root system for future.

Saskatoon shrubs prefer well-drained soil conditions. You can choose to plant them in a slope where the watering and the wind hazard is very low. You need to leave adequate space between two individual plants. During the first several weeks, you need to water your plant frequently to help establish their roots successfully. Some pruning work is required to get more harvests in autumn. The ideal pruning time is in spring before the plants start to grow. The damaged and weak branches should be removed as soon as possible.

Image provided By fredandcharlie (originally posted to Flickr as IMG_8196) [CC-BY-SA-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

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