Rubber Tree Plant

Rubber Tree Plant

Biologically known as Ficus Elastica, rubber tree plant can grow more than 50 feet in height and it usually needs very little maintenance during the growth. If you are planning to do grow a rubber tree in your garden, it is advised to plant a young rubber tree in a container before moving it to outside.

It is not hard to plant a rubber tree, however, you need to do some things to take care of them to make grow healthy and happily. One of the most important factors is the amount of water and light provided for them. As an indoor plant, a rubber plant needs adequate indirect sunlight for a few hours per day. It is a good idea to put your plant beside the window and shed the curtain on to provide perfect indirect sunlight for it.

Water is very important for the growth of your plant. The soil should be kept moist during the growing season and you can also do some spraying on their leaves from time to time. You should avoid over-watering your plant otherwise the leaves will turn yellow and brown. In cold winter days, the rubber tree will enter its dormant period and you should not provide too much water for them, no more than twice per month is a good option. You should increase the amount of water for your plant when the growing season is approaching.

Propagation of a rubber tree is another work you may encounter during the growth. You need to do observe clearly and cut some slits on the branch where there is a leaf falling off. You need to a clean cut on this slit to facilitate the growth of the new leaf. One of the easiest ways to propagate rubber trees is to get a healthy twig from a rubber tree and plant it into another container. Remember to provide adequate water during the first several weeks to help it establish the new roots.

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