Rocky Mountains Trees

Rocky Mountains Trees

Rocky mountain areas are harsh environment for growing plants and trees because of its high altitude. However, some trees such as some pine varieties can tolerate the coarse rocky conditions and grow for a long time in locations above 8000 feet in height. Some of them can be good options for landscaping especially if your home is located in mountain areas.

Among all tree species growing in mountain locations, pine trees are the most famous ones. The bristlecone pine is one of the oldest pine trees on earth and some specimens have lived for several thousand years. Some other pine varieties like Whitebark pines are also suitable for the rocky mountain environment. Most of these trees are slow growing trees and they can live for a very long time compared with those trees living in other terrains.

Apart from above evergreen trees, some fruit trees can also survive in height altitude mountain conditions. Some examples of these trees include apple trees, pear trees and plum trees. Some crabapple species like Thunderchild and Dolgo can be planted above 8000-foot mountain orchard. Some pear species such as Ussurian pears can also resist the harsh high altitude environment. Although the fruit production is not as plenty as the ones growing on usual terrains, they can still produce attractive blooming in summer and beautiful foliage in autumn.

Some deciduous trees are also good candidates for forests on the mountain. Some maple varieties like Tatatian maple and Ginnala maple trees are suitable for altitude above 8000 feet. Most of them have beautiful green foliage in summer which will turn red or yellow in autumn.

Image provided By Dcrjsr (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

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