Reseeding Lawn

Reseeding Lawn

If you have a beautiful lawn in your garden, you may sometimes need to reseed your lawn for the next year. The best time to do the reseeding work is in autumn although you can do this work at any time of a year. Reseeding in autumn can enable the new seed to grow for some time to pass the cold winter. Generally, reseeding is not necessary for most gardeners unless the lawn is overtaken by weeds. The appearance of more weeds means some severe problems happening in your lawn, and it is recommended to reseed your lawn for the coming year.

Unlike many people may think, the first step of reseeding should be a thorough analysis of the soil. There are many soil labs which can help you do the soil test these days. You just need give them some samples from different places in your garden. The analysis result can help you determine which fertilizers should be amended into the soil for next year. Then it is time for your remove the old grasses completely. You can complete this task by the help of some weed killers. If you do not like to use the chemical stuff, you can use some black cover sheets to block the sunlight of the grass underneath and kill them. This method usually takes several weeks and you should do a thorough cleaning of the dead grasses and weeds afterwards.

After that, you need to loosen the soil by using some tools such as rakes. You need to pulverize some large soil blocks and make the soil look finer. Then it is time to do the reseeding work with some high quality seeds from your local nurseries. You should select a mixture of the most suitable seeds based on the soil analysis and the specific environment like shades and clay soil. You should ask some professionals before planting any seeds in the soil. The reseeding work should be done manually which can ensure the seeds are planted in the exact location you want. The two adjacent seeding spot should not be too close. 5 or 6 seed per square inch should be adequate. You should apply some water on them once the sowing work is done. You can use some transparent plastic cover to facilitate the growth of the new grass while reserving the water and keep them warm. These cover can save a great amount of water and protect the grass from severe weather. During the first several weeks of reseeding work, you need to apply adequate water at least once week until the grass grows to a certain height.

Image provided By Leon Brooks [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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