Repotting Citrus Trees

Repotting Citrus Trees

Repotting a citrus tree is necessary in cold climates because there might be some frost hazards and strong winds in winter days which may cause huge damages on the plants. For some mini citrus species, they usually need to be repotted for every two years before it become fully mature. Since the citrus trees are always growing, you need to change pot from time to time. When the old pot is not suitable for the citrus plants, you can see roots coming from the draining holes. This tells you to change a bigger pot for your plants to grow well.

The first thing you need to do is to choose the right pot for your trees. The new pot should be bigger and deeper than your current one and accommodate your plants for the next few months. Apart from that, the drain hole on the bottom is necessary to facilitate the drainage. When doing the repotting work, you should keep the soil moist for a couple of days. You should pull the tree by holding the main trunk and make it slowly sliding out of the pot. Cut out the unhealthy roots and you can loosen the soil a little bit using the finger to improve the soil structure.

After the repotting work, you should keep watering the plant to make it moist. Please do not over-water the new pot to avoid the roots from rotting. After a couple of weeks, you can gradually cut the times of water back to once or twice a week. If you are unsure if the soil is to dry for the plant, you can dip your finger into the soil and feel if the soil is dry underneath.

Image Provided By Mansour Nasiri (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

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