Replace Mulch

Replace Mulch

Many gardeners apply mulch for the plants to keep moisture and discourage weeds. However, how to replace mulch is a question for many gardening beginners. You need to use a proper way to do the replacement for different type of mulches.

If you apply mulches in winter to provide extra cover to keep moisture and warmth in cold days, you should remove them in spring when the danger of frost has passed. For the mulch for summer days, you should do a replacement at least once a year. If you worry about the mess after the pruning work, you can replace mulch after the pruning work is finished. So, your garden will return back to clean once the mulch replacing work is done.

The first thing you need to do is to use a rake to collect all old mulches into a bag or bin. If you need to apply some fertilizers for your garden, it is the best time now. Some chemical fertilizers or organic matters can be added into the soil before the new mulch is applied. To successfully suppress the growth of weeds, you need to apply at least three inches of mulch in shade areas and five inches of mulch under full sunlight. New mulch should be spread evenly to cover the root area of most trees. The mulching area should be extended to a certain inches ensure the full cover of the plant roots.

Image provided By Tomwsulcer (Own work) [CC0], via Wikimedia Commons

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