Red Willow Tree

Red Willow Tree

The red willow tree is a common landscaping tree beside watering areas such as lakes and ponds. They have special slim green leaves which is about 5 inches in length and color twigs where they get their name from. They will produce attractive yellow blossoms in summer. Since male and female flowers are not existing in the same tree, they need insects or wind to help them fulfill the pollination. Female trees usually produce some cotton-like stuff floating along with the wind in spring which can be one of the most special features of willow trees in spring.

Red willow trees prefer to grow in places beside watering areas. Actually they can survive in flooding ares for a long time. You should avoid planting in drought locations as they can can die quickly. They have robust root system which will extend to a long distance from the trunk. So, they are not suitable for being planted near foundations or constructions. They need adequate sunlight during growth and they can also tolerate partial shade for some period. Some pests such as aphids caterpillars and scale insects may seriously weaken the health of the willow trees. Some chemical pesticide can be applied to control the spread of these pests.

Apart from the common landscaping purposes, red willow trees also have other usages. Their barks can produce a substance called salicin which is one of the active chemicals in aspirin. Some people also use their young stems as a substances for smoking. Their bark can also be used as herbal teas to relieve fatigue and for cold treatments.

Image provided By Ed Yourdon (originally posted to Flickr as Willow tree) [CC-BY-SA-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

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