Red Tip Shrub

Red Tip Shrub

As a commonly used red tip shrub for fencing purposes, photinia is known to have a famous red tip on its leaves when they start to grow. However, the color will gradually turn green after a month or two. It will bloom white flowers and red fruits in summer.

This shrub need adequate sunlight and like warm areas as well. Unlike most warm climate plants, photinia do not need regular watering and they can tolerate dry weather well. If the weather is turning cold, please keep it warm with proper insulation. They like to live in well-drained soil and over-watering will make their root rot.

As stated, the red tip is the obvious mark to identify this shrub. The color of mature leaves will be dark green. You should do some regular trimming during its growth because absence of pruning will make it to grow tall and slim. If you want it to grow into your desired shape, you should trim the plant accordingly. The plant will bloom small white flowers in summer in bunches. When planting the shrub, ensure to leave adequate space, normally five feet apart from each other to make the root system not interfere with each other.

During the growth of photinia, you should pay more attention to the potential diseases it may be infected by fungi. The obvious appearance of the disease will be diverse color of rings on their leaves. To avoid the mould, you should keep their leaves dry at all times. Too many ill leaves will weaken the health of the whole plant and make it die eventually. The dead leaves should be removed totally to avoid affection.

Imaged Provided By Wouter Hagens (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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