Red Leaves In Autumn

Red Leaves In Autumn

Autumn is a beautiful season for tree foliage since some varieties will change their leaf colours from green to brown or red. This colour changing process can effectively protect the leaves from the sunlight in autumn when the trees are storing some nutrients for the winter. For those trees which do not change colours in autumn, they will lose more nutrients than the ones with red foliage.

There are a number of trees which can change their foliage colours in autumn, and Kousa Dogwood is one of the famous ones. Originated from Eastern Asian countries, this tree species can reach about 30 feet in height with a similar spread. It has dark green leaves which will turn to red in autumn. Also, it can produce attractive yellow blossoms in summer and the colour will turn into pink when matured. It also produces edible fruits similar to raspberries in late summer as well. It is a great landscaping tree which is planted in thousands of gardens.

The Amur maple is another commonly landscaping tree which has colourful foliage in autumn. It can grow up to 20 feet high with a similar spread. This tree is originated from Asian countries, and it can grow more than one main trunk. In autumn, its foliage colour will turn from dark green into bright red which make it a wonder specimen tree in your backyard. It prefers well-drained soil conditions but it can also tolerate some other soil type well. This tree is often planted on the roadside for ornamental purposes.

Image provided By Jebulon (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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