Red Cypress

Red Cypress

The red cypress tree, also called bald cypress, is a long-life deciduous conifer which is adaptive to wetland areas. Native to America, some of them can grow more than 100 in height and live for more than 200 years. They can grow well in swamps due to their special knee which helps them to get adequate oxygen for breath. They usually have brown or red barks with evergreen needle-like foliage. They produce special type of cones which contain the seeds for propagation. The harvesting season is in autumn when the cones will ripen and the foliage colour will turn to brown as well.

Red cypress trees prefer to grow in damp environment, so you should make sure that the location for planting them should be moist at most times. Generally, seedlings are preferable way to propagate since it take a longer time for tree seed to germinate. When choosing seedlings from the nurseries, you should choose those which well-established roots. They will be more robust than those ones without strong roots when transplanting into the soil. They prefer full sunlight and area with adequate moisture. The soil should be deep enough for them to expand their roots.

You can plant the seedlings of the cypress trees at any time if the roots are well established. The ideal place for planting them is damp areas with occasional floods. They cannot tolerate drought environment and avoid planting them in such places. You should leave adequate space in two adjacent trees for further growth, ideally 10 feet apart. If carefully treated, most of the cypress seedlings can survive and grow rapidly in the first couple of years.

Image provided By Thesurvived99 (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

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