Red Apple Varieties

Red Apple Varieties

Red apple varieties are commonly seen apples in market, and they are daily food for thousands of apple lovers every day. Some of them are original red variety while others are newly generated crossed red varieties in recent years. Most of these apples will ripen in autumn or early winter. Compared with other apple species, red apples prefer cold weather to keep their red color. So, red apple trees are technically not suitable for hot zones.

There a variety of red apples we can choose from the fruit market, and here are some examples. Red delicious apples are a popular red apple variety all around the world for a long time. It can be recognized easily with a glimpse. It has crisp taste and its skin is thick and tasted a bit of bitter. It is a good choice for consuming directly instead of making sauces or other by-products.

Originated from Japan, Fuji apples are actually crossed variety from Red delicious apples. Currently, Fuji apples are becoming more and more popular in the world due to its sweet crisp taste and availability for multiple usages. Many people use Fuji apples to make apple pies and a number of sauces. Most Fuji apples will ripen in late autumn.

Gala apples are another type red variety which also has yellow strip on the skin. As a common food for thousands of homes, gala apples are favorite fruit of many people. It has a similar appearance as Fuji apples and the internal heart is slight different in shape. Actually, there are a number of gala sub-varieties in all around the world which are mainly different in colors. Some have slightly yellow colors while others mainly have red colors. You can use gala apples for multiple purposes including eating, baking, saucing and so on. Compared with the above two apple species, gala apples will ripen early in late summer.

Image provided By Sonita Lewis (Flickr: apples 17) [CC-BY-SA-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

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