Red Apple Ground Cover

Red Apple Ground Cover

Native to South Africa, red apple plants are used as a ground cover plant in lots of gardens and fields. It has a great landscaping value from its purple daisy flowers and its green foliage. During its growth, it can spread rapidly without needing too much maintenance as well. It can resist drought areas and low temperature, making it a good option for cold areas or hardy soil types like clay soil.

When planting the red apple plants in your backyard, you should choose some places with adequate sunlight during the day. If you are living in a hot place, some partial shade area might be more suitable. During the first couple of days of planting, you should provide adequate water for the plant to establish their roots. Then, the times of watering should be reduced to normal with two or three times a week during the hot days. Avoid overwatering the plant otherwise their roots will rot quickly.

You do not need to apply too much fertilizer to your plants, and ideally once or twice a year should be enough. The fertilizer should be diluted thoroughly before putting into the soil. Due to the highly growth rate of the red apple ground cover, you should divide them once they are about to across the borders. Some gardening tools like forks can be used to do the division work. Some pruning work is also necessary to remove the weak branches or vines.

Image provided By Julie Anne Workman (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

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