Purple Leaf Shrubs

Purple Leaf Shrubs

There are a number of purple leaf shrubs for gardening purposes which can suit for different zones. One of the most famous ones should be the dwarf versions of Japanese maple. Originated from East Asian countries, this shrub is welcomed by most gardeners.

When choosing a Japanese maple shrub from the nursery, you should pay attention to some key factors. There are different versions of Japanese maple shrubs for different climates. You should choose the one which can survive in a harder zone then yours. This can ensure that you maple can grow happily even there are some occasionally drastic climate changes. The second thing is to determine the size of the shrub suitable for your allocated space. Japanese maple need very low maintenance and you do not need to prune them regularly. If you are lazy at doing some pruning work during a long time, you should pick up your desired shape from the beginning.

Another choice of purple-leaf shrub plants is the barberry. This species has becoming popular recently due to unlock of the limitation. There are a varieties of barberry plants in the market to choose from such as ‘Golden Ring’, ‘Red Chief’, ‘Angel Wings’ and ‘Crimson Velvet’. Their leaves all have purple or similar colors and you can choose your preferred leaf shapes to decorate your garden. Most of their leaves will turning into a dark color in autumn.

Ninebark is another popular purple-leave plant used for landscaping. Although their originated leaf color is yellow, there are some purple versions appearing in the market recently. ‘Diablo’ has a dark-purple color which look almost like black. ‘Mindia’ has a smaller size up to 2 meters. They generally can tolerate drought environment and need very little maintenance once established.

Image Provided By Liné1 (Picture taken with my IXUS 800 IS) [CC-BY-SA-2.5 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.5)], via Wikimedia Commons

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