Purple Leaf Plum Tree Diseases

Purple Leaf Plum Tree Diseases

Purple leaf plum tree is a beautiful deciduous tree which has colourful purple foliage and pink flowers. It can increase the landscaping value for your backyard. However, it might be infected by some diseases if left unattended. Some of those diseases are very severe and you should take action as soon as possible for maintain the health of your trees.

Purple leaf plum tree is very easy to be infected by fungi, and verticillium wilt is one of them. This fungus can infect a variety of tree species including plum trees. This fungus grows from soil and they will slowly affect the health of the trees. Unlike other fungi which mostly affect tree trunks, this fungi will severely infect the root system of a tree and the influence will be spread into the whole body. The generated toxin will greatly affect the growth of the foliage and leaves, causing the issue of absorption of sunlight. The leaves will become yellow gradually and the health of the tree will be weakened. Most fungicide cannot cure this type of fungus and some trees can recover by themselves.

Brown rot is another fungus which may infect a variety of fruit trees including the purple leaf plum. This type of fungi usually has influence on the fruits and twigs. It will cause the flower of the tree wither and some rots on the trunk. This fungus can resist the cold weathers in winter by hiding some residue on the trees like the remaining fruits etc. It is easily to spread in moist days to the neighbouring trees. You can get some fungicide from the market to kill the fungus and remove any remaining fruits on branches in winter to avoid its coming back on the following year.

Image Provided By yuko (Flickr: Fujikawa tenjin’s plum tree.) [CC-BY-2.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0)], via Wikimedia Commons

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