Pruning Small Trees

Pruning Small Trees

If you have some newly planted trees in your garden, you should learn some techniques on how to prune them. Pruning is common horticultural actions which help gardeners keep the shape and health of the trees. It is considered as a part of the maintenance work. Professional pruning can lower the risk of being infected by diseases and fungi. The landscaping value can also be enhanced by efficient pruning work.

The reason that the pruning work can lower the risk of diseases infection is that the branches removed by the pruning work are highly possible be infected by some kind of diseases. Generally, dead and ill branches will be removed via pruning. Also, the pruning work can cut those branches which rub each other. Some large branches which may cause health problems should be removed as well. Apart from the health matter, the pruning work can encourage the production of flowers and fruits. The tree canopy can be pruned into the desired shape for satisfy the landscaping needs.

For young tree which have a small size, the pruning is one of the best methods to enhance its ability to resist diseases. You should ensure that your small trees are pruned properly. Some improper pruning will result in faulty branches which are very hard to remove especially when they have fully grown. When planting, you just need to prune those ill and dead branches away, and avoid cutting the main leader branches at that time. Some crossing branches should be trimmed. When the tree is growing, the branches in the lower side should be removed gradually as well. You should only allow one leader branch growing and pruning other leader branches as early as possible.

Image provided By Hirvenk├╝rpa (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

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