Pruning Old Plum Trees

Pruning Old Plum Trees

The old plum trees cannot produce delicious fruits as the young trees do. However, some pruning work can help the gardeners to gradually the help the old trees to rebuild its ability to bear high quality fruits. The pruning work might be a long job and it might take several years to see the results. However, it deserves a try since it won’t take you too much time to do it.

The best time to do the pruning is after the pass of the potential frost damage in winter. The first procedure you need to do is to remove any deal or ill branches and twigs for clearness. It is an important step since it can reserve resources for the healthy branches. During the removal of dead twigs, you can use a mixture of bleach with water and dip your pruning tools into it. You should do this before each cut on the healthy branches for prevention of spread of disease.

In some area there is dense foliage where the air circulation is not good. You should do some trimming work to let the light shed through and let the air flow freely. Some old thick stems should be sheared off as well. For some strong branches, some advanced tools can be used as well. The common percentage for branch cutting off is about one third of your expected length. This leaves adequate space for the growth for the coming year. In the second year, you should do the above things again and remove some fast growing branches as well. New shoots will be generated quickly to replace the removed old ones.

In the third year, you should repeat your previous work and keep your tree tidy at all times. Massive trimming may encourages the fast growth rate for new shoots. You can do some pruning work after the summer is gone and the weather is turning cold.

Image Provided By Jskippyhawley (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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