Pruning Dwarf Peach Trees

Pruning Dwarf Peach Trees

Dwarf peach trees need different pruning strategies from other fruit trees which need heavy pruning for some period. They generally need some light pruning work in the correct time. Usually most of these trees can grow no more than 10 feet in height with a similar spread, and you need frequent pruning work to keep them tidy and healthy.

There can be several pruning period during a year. The first pruning period can be concentrated on the late spring. You can choose the fastest growing branches and prune the tree canopy into your preferred shape. If you peach trees’ growth rate are vigorous, this pruning work can be a continuous process until the summer days. The second pruning period can be done in winter when the trees are in their dormant period. There will be no fruits and foliage in branches in these days. Actually, these trees do not need some heavy pruning during these days, and the best time to do the job is from late autumn to the late winter.

If you want your dwarf peach trees to provide some landscaping values for your garden. Some training should be done during the process of pruning. Optimized pruning can also enhance the fruit production. During the trimming work, you should pay attention to the disinfection to lower the risk of disease infection. For those young trees, you should choose some main stems and cut others off, and this job should be done during the spring days.

Image provided By Andrea Pavanello (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0-it (], via Wikimedia Commons

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