Propagating Plum Trees

Propagating Plum Trees

The most popular way to propagating plum trees is using grafting techniques to attach one branch to another. It is one of the best methods to quickly bear various fruits in a single plant. You can also plant cuttings of a plum tree directly into the soil. The cutting can grow the same quality of plums as the original one.

The best time to take a cutting from a plum tree is in spring when the flowers are starting to bud. You should carefully choose a robust twig which should be at least 10 inches in length. The cutting should be no less than 6 inches and remove the leaves and barks on the bottom. You should prepare some rooting medium for the growth of the new roots. One good recipe of the rooting medium is a mixture of peat and sand with a ration of 50:50.

You should keep the medium moist at all times. It normally takes one or two months for the new root system being established. You should decrease the moisture of the medium to make it dry. Then it is time to transplant your new small tree into a container for further growth. When it reaches certain size for about one year, you should move it into the backyard.

Image Provided by Pavel Ĺ evela [CC-BY-SA-3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

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