Propagating Bay Trees

Propagating Bay Trees

Propagating bay trees in the backyard may not be an easy job for novice gardeners. As a common landscape evergreen tree, bay trees can provide us edible leaves which we can cook delicious dishes in kitchen. Here are some tips about the propagation of this tree.

One of the simplest methods to repot the tree into another container is to dig some basal suckers form the original trees and transplant them into another pot. If there is lack of good quality suckers to do the repotting work, you can use the cuttings to do the transplanting. To ensure the successful propagation, you should prepare some spare cuttings to increase the chance of success. Some gardeners are just lucky enough to be successful in the first cutting. Generally it is considered that spring is the best time for the propagation. However, some people have successfully done the repotting work in summer or autumn. So, time is actually not the most important factor for the propagation.

Bay trees are very easily to get infected by fungi. It is not easy to get rid of it because you must keep you soil moist during its growth, and thus it is hard to remove the habitat of those fungi. You can choose some special rooting powder which can work as a fungicide and medium for the establishment of roots as well. You can simply put your new cutting into the powder.

It normally takes nearly three months for the cutting to establish its root system. Sometimes it may take as long as one year to finish. If you want to move your new bay tree into another container, please be patient and wait until some new leaves have grown out. After one or two years of growth, you can safely more it into outside.

Image Provided By Lewis Collard [Attribution], via Wikimedia Commons

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