Propagating Banana Plants

Propagating Banana Plants

If you have several banana plants growing in your garden, how to propagate them might be a tough issue. As a typical tropical plant, there are a variety of banana plants in the world for food industry and ornamental purposes. Some banana species can tolerate some level of mild cold climates, and you can think of planting some if you are thinking of add some extra tropical landscape for your backyard.

Before planting any banana plants in the backyard, you should do a thorough soil test beforehand to make sure that the soil type is suitable for them. Banana plants prefer well-drained soil types and too much water will make their root rot quickly. They like full sunlight and grow in warm climates without strong winds at all times. If you can find a place satisfying the above conditions, you can choose some favorite banana species for your garden.

You can cut your customized suckers for the propagation of banana plants. If the diameter of the stem is between 3 and 7 inches, sucker is a good option for propagation. You should remove any leave near the ground level before digging it out from the soil. Then you should do a thorough cleaning on the destination area by a total removal of the weeds. Then it is time to dig a hole with the same height as the sucker. Put the sucker into the new hole and use soil to cover the hole. Some mulching materials can be added to help preserve the water. At the first couple of weeks, apply water adequately to help them establish their roots, but over-watering should be avoided. Occasional fertilizer can be added along with the watering process.

Image provided By Abu Nayeem (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

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