Privet Hedges

Privet Hedges

If you need some evergreen hedging plants for the border of your garden, planting some privet hedges can be one of the easiest ways to fulfil this goal. Originated from British islands, the privet shrub is hardy shrub plants which can tolerate nearly any coarse soil types. It can also resist high level of shading under other trees, making it a good option for some hardy areas for growing plants. Due to its high growth rate, if you made some mistakes during the pruning work, they can quickly make it up by grow the losing part quickly from the original place.

If you tend to plant some privet hedges in your garden, planting them in soil is more efficient than the ones in containers. The best time to plant them is in cold winter days, and you should do some preparation work before planting them into the soil. Generally, privet plants are greedy plants and they need a lot of water nutrients during the growth. You should provide some organic matters along with some bonemeals to provide extra nutrients for them. Most privet hedge plants are long-life plants which can grow more than 70 years. The planting place should be cleaned and any unnecessary things like weeds and big rocks should be removed. The large soil clumps should be broken as well to help them easily establish their root system.

During the first couple of weeks of planting, apply adequate water to soil. You should keep the soil wet at all times and avoid over-watering as well. The best lining options for planting privet plants is to keep all plants in a single row instead of multiple rows. Remember to leave adequate space between two individual ones. Generally, one third of a meter is considered as a good space. To make them look tidy and even, you can use some string and ties to make sure that each plants are spacing the same. This work is necessary because it is not easy to align them when they grow up.

Image provided by hayley green [CC-BY-SA-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

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