Preparing Lawn For Seeding

Preparing Lawn For Seeding

If you are about to grow a new lawn, the preparing work before seeding is very important and you should pay enough attention to it. Good preparing work can suppress the growth of weeds and maintain a healthy lawn in the future. You need to break up the large block in soil to improve the aeration. You should also add some organic matters into the soil to add extra nutrients for the lawn. The test of acidity of soil is also important and you should add corresponding amendments for the soil to provide a suitable PH value for your grass.

The first step of preparing the lawn location is the cleaning work which should remove all large trash in the area such as large rocks. Then it is time break up the large soil clumps facilitate the air to circulate freely. The time to do the above work depends on the soil structure. The clay soil structure should be done when the soil is dry and the soil clump is easier to break. The ideal depth of loosing soil is about 5 to 6 inches below the soil surface.

You should do a thorough PH test for your soil before planting any grasses. Most grasses prefer acidic soil conditions with a PH value less than 6. Some amendments can be added to change the PH values of the soil quickly such as ground limestone. As for the application of fertilizer, you can consider using some nitrogen-rich fertilizer which can facilitate the growth of grasses. The best time to seed the lawn is when the soil is warm, ideally in spring or in autumn. Some seeding tools like spreader can be applied evenly.

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