Potted Trees For Patio

Potted Trees For Patio

If you do not have a big garden to plant may plants or do not have much time spent on gardening, you can use some potted trees or shrubs for decorating your patio. The plants on your patio can add extra decorative values to your home including the colourful and fragrant blossoms. When planting any plants for your patio, you should do some research first to select suitable plants which have similar needs for resources like soil, light and water. Some protections might be necessary if you are living in cold zones.

There are a number of potted plants you can choose for your patio. Trees can provide some large areas of shad and most of them have beautiful flowers and delicious fruits as well. You should leave adequate space for a tree according to the size of its canopy. Some small version of trees or dwarf tree species might be good choices for a limited size of patio. For instance, some good examples of patio trees include the Japanese maple which has colourful red foliage in autumn. The Little Gem magnolia is a slow-growing tree which can tolerate many coarse environments like drought and heat areas. Some other small tree species can also be considered like crape myrtle and purple leaf plum.

Apart from some tree species, you can also plant some shrubs on your patio. If you choose some slow-growing species, you do not need to re-pot them often. The holly fern is a popular low shrub which is less than 20 inches in height. It prefers well-drained soil and can tolerate drought environment well. Dwarf bamboo is an evergreen hardy plant which can tolerate cold climates. Some other small shrub species for containers include dwarf pomegranate and aucuba.

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