Potted Fig Tree

Potted Fig Tree

Potted fig trees are popular fruit trees growing in containers. Fig trees are perfect for container planting because their roots can be totally suitable for a small area. They prefer to live in warm area, so you should put the container into the home when the weather is getting cold. One of the most advantages to planting fig trees is to get its juicy fig fruits in harvest season.

If you are planning to plant some fig trees in the container, you can buy some small sized trees from the local nurseries. You do not need to buy large ones because they are fast-growing trees and it won’t take too long for a small tree to grow to a large one. Then you need to choose a pot which should be larger than the root ball of the tree. The container must have drainage holes to facilitate the draining of extra water. Some pots with dark colors will absorb more heat than the light color ones which might be harmful to the fig trees. Usually large pots can contain more moisture than the small ones.

Some pebbles or large rocks can be added into the soil to increase the well-drainage capabilities. To make the fig tree to grow better, some potting mix should be used on top of the soil. Once the root ball has been planted into the soil, you should apply adequate water for the tree to help them establish their root system. Some organic mulch can be put on top of the soil to help preserve the moisture.

If you want your fig tree to grow healthy, some pruning work is necessary. The ideal pruning season is in spring or summer. Since the fig tree is a fast-growing tree species, you should repot your tree at least once a year. Use a larger pot to accommodate the current root ball of the tree. In cold winter days, you need to more the tree indoors and put them in indirect sunlight. The fig tree will enter dormancy period and you need to decrease the water applied to the tree until the next spring.

Image provided By കാക്കര [CC-BY-SA-3.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0)], via Wikimedia Commons

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