Pomegranate Season

Pomegranate Season

As one of the oldest fruits in the world, pomegranate fruits are usually harvested in autumn. Thousands of years ago, this fruit are used to be served as a sign of rebirth by ancient people. Native to Middle East countries, nearly all parts of this fruits are useful although most people only take its seeds as a fruit. Its skin and bark can be used for medical purposes. The size of this fruit can vary depending on the variety. Its dimension can range from the size of a small orange to the size of a ripen grapefruit.

Today pomegranate fruits are common fruits consumed by thousands of people. It contains abundant vitamins, antioxidants and dietary fibre which can bring great benefits for human body. The antioxidants contained in the seeds can lower the risk of heart disease and cancers as well. For many people, the edible part of this fruit is the tightly packed seeds inside. The seeds will have a sweet or sour taste depending on the variety. The colour of the skin will turn yellow to red when fully ripen. As for the common usage of these seeds are edible fruits and juice making. People also like to put these seeds on top of the deserts as a type of topping.

When you do your fruit shopping and pickup pomegranates in the market, you should pay attention to those with bright colours and plum fruits. Pomegranate will stop ripening once then they have been picked up. So, you should choose those fully ripened fruits in shopping. You should not store your fruits for more than two months and you should always put them in a dry and cool place. Once cut, you should consume your fruits as quickly as possible, ideally within three days. Freezing can help you preserve these seed for a longer time.

Image provided By M.t.lifshits (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0)], via Wikimedia Commons

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