Plum Tree Insects

Plum Tree Insects

Most plum tree species can resist most harmful insects and pests for other trees. However, there are still a few insects which can greatly affect the health of plum trees. You should pay much attention to them and take action as soon as possible once discovered. These pests will infect the flowers of the plum tree, resulting in bad quality fruits.

The plum aphid is a common insect which take the leaves of a plum tree as their food. They like to hide in curled leaves and their size is no more than one inch. Their consumption of plum leaves cause the curled leaves and weaken the health of the tree because they affect the process of photosynthesis. This will decrease the amount of fruits produced and the quality as well.

The plum curculio is another common pest which main infect plum trees. It is a small beetle with a size no more than one inch. This small brown bug uses it long pinchers to dive into the fruits of a plum tree and lay eggs in it. Their larvae will feed on the flesh of the fruits when they grow. So, the plum fruit is the infected object for this type of insect.

The rust mite is another insect which can affect the health of a plum tree. Their size is extremely small and the adult mite is less than one fourth of one inch. They have a variety of colours ranging from brown to purple. They can cause plum leaves to curl or turning white. Some of these insects will hide on the bottom side of the leaves, and they are not easily found by beginners.

Most of them can be killed by some special insecticide which you can be easily found in market. You should apply the insecticide spray based on the manual of each chemical.

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