Plastic Ground Cover

Plastic Ground Cover

Plastic covering is one of the choices for ground covering purposes. Before applying any plastic covering materials on the ground, you should do a thorough research to ensure the efforts you spend on it are valuable. You should make some comparison among all products from different manufacturers on some important characters like color, material and suitable plants.

Generally, there are mainly three colors of plastic ground cover products in the market, namely, black, brown and red colors. Every color can be used in specific occasions to satisfy certain needs. The black cover can block most of the sunlight and they can effectively suppress the growth of weeds and harmful plants. The red one has similar functionalities and they can reflect the sunlight as well. The brown one have the good things of the above two colors and they can keep the temperature of the soil while discourage the weeds.

The main features of the plastic ground covers are to keep the warmth of the soil and control the growth of weeds. Many gardeners use them in cold winter days to keep the ground warm. Warm soil will facilitate the establishment of plant roots in cold climates. This will quicken the mature process of the fruits due to the early established plant roots. Although plastic cover can bring benefits for plants, you should choose the suitable plants for corresponding ground cover color. Usually, some short plants like vegetables and berry fruits are suitable for the black color. Some medium height plants should implement red covers. For transplanting a plant to another, olive ground cover is the best choice for such work. When applying the ground cover into the soil, the grain of soil should be fine enough to make the ground cover be spread evenly. The ground cover should contact the soil firmly to ensure the maximum result.

Image provided By Janine from Mililani, Hawaii, United States (DSC_0017 Uploaded by Fæ) [CC-BY-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

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