Plants That Provide Shade

Plants That Provide Shade

In hot summer days, what you do require might be some plants which can provide deep shade for your house to cool down. They are very valuable in sizzling days and they can save you some money from electricity bills by reducing the energy used for air conditioning devices. There are a variety of shade trees you can choose from depending on your specific needs such as shape, height, size, root growth range, resistance to pests, tolerance to different soil types, etc. You need to pick up the correct species to suit for your needs.

There are some popular tree species which are planted in thousands of gardens for shading purposes. Maple trees are one of them. They can survive well in urban areas along with plenty of foundations and buildings. Their root growth is not invasive and the canopy of them is dense enough to provide high quality shades in hot season. Most of them are fast growing trees and it won’t take too long to provide adequate shade for your garden within a few years. Also, the colours of the maple foliage will turn into red and brown, providing a great landscaping view for your backyard in autumn.

Another common type of trees for shading is the oak families. They are hardy enough to resist most harsh environment. They can also resist most pests and diseases when the nutrients and water are adequate. Most of them can reach more than 30 feet in height when fully grown with a similar spread. Some species such as red oak trees can tolerate harsh urban areas. Their dense canopy can provide good shades for your family in hot summer, and their acorns can attract plenty of wild animals to your garden as well.

Birch trees are also commonly planted in yards for shading purposes. Although you need to spend some time on maintenance of these trees, the shade they provided for you totally deserve it. Generally, river birch trees perform better than other birch species. They can tolerate different harsh soil conditions. You need to pay attention to the hazards of some pests like bronze birch borer which may cause severe damages on trees.

Image provided By Riley Huntley (Huntley Photography) (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

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