Planting Shade Trees

Planting Shade Trees

Planting shade trees is a good idea to decrease the power used for the cooling purposes especially in summer days. If you can plant three or four trees in good positions in your backyard, you can save your family up to 20% of the electricity cost in one year. These trees will provide adequate shades for your house and your family. It is a good time to sit under the tree in sunny days with your family members.

It is a long history for people to plant trees for shades from ancient days. The air around trees can be cooled since the absorbed water from the roots can be emitted from the leaves. The temperature can decrease by 2 degrees. Generally, city areas will be warmer than country areas because there are enough trees in rural areas. There is roughly a 2-5 degree difference between the two areas. The causes an increase of the consumption on power in cities as well as the air pollutions and costs.

What type of trees should I plant in my garden? This might be the question of every gardener. You need to consider the fully grown size and the density of the trees. You also need to think about the location of the shades as well to make sure it covers your house. If you want to only block the intensive sunlight in summer days, you should pick up some deciduous trees. All of their leaves will fall in autumn to ensure that adequate sunlight will be shed on your house in winter. You should design the airflow to make sure your trees do not block them. The crown of the tree should be big to provide adequate shade in your garden. Some slow-growing trees will be a good choice since their root system will be established deeper and stronger. Some other plants such as flowers and shrubs can also be planted along with the trees for landscaping purposes.

Image Provided By Steven Morrow (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

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