Plant Trees In Fall

Plant Trees In Fall

If you want to have a beautiful autumn garden, you should carefully pick up some trees which are suitable for your backyard. The first thing you need to decide is to match the color of the fall foliage of the trees with your buildings. Generally, light color walls will have a good match with red colored foliage and dark buildings are best go with the some orange colors. The reason for trees to change their colors is because the green chlorophyll will gone from the leaves which will make other colors appear as they are. Most autumn trees will have red or oranges in fall.

Before planting the trees for your fall garden, you should make a rough estimation about the height and the spread of the tree canopy when fully grown. You’d better leave its natural shape instead of a pruning one which may be harmful to its health. The type of trees chosen for your garden should depends on the site environment. You should also think about planting some other plants which will match the colors of the tree such as shrubs or grasses.

You can pick up some plants which have red or orange foliage or flowers to perfectly match the autumn color of the tree. Some good example of shrubs include berberis, enkianthus and burning bush. If you need some blossoms appearing in your fall garden, some flowering plants like hairpin or chrysanthemum can be good options. If you prefer to grow a colorful lawn under the tree, some grass or hedge instances such as Carex buchananii can be your first choices.

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