Pink Hydrangea Plants

Pink Hydrangea Plants

The color of hydrangea plants is usually determined by the acidity of the soil. Generally the blue color will appear in acidic soil conditions and pink hydrangea plants are often growing in alkaline soils. Some plants even have both colors at the same time. Some varieties such as white hydrangea will not change their colors no matter what the acidity is. Its color will still turn into slight pink after a few years.

The soil for cultivating blue hydrangea plants should be less nutrient than the normal soil. This can effectively stop the aluminium contained in the soil being absorbed which is the main reason to turn the plants into blue. For growing pink plants, some additives should be added into the soil to increase the soil’s PH value and thus turn the plant color into pink. Some common materials for this purpose include ime pellets, dolomitic lime and hardwood ash. You should following the instructions on the package to avoid over-using them.

Also, soil abundant with phosphorus content can also change the color into pink. So, some fertilizer full with a high content of phosphorus can be added for changing colors as well. The reason is that a high volume of phosphorus will prevent the over absorption of the aluminium which is the main reason for turning plant into blue. The phosphorus content in the soil can be tested frequently to ensure their volume is adequate in the soil. You should avoid over-alkalize the soil to harm the health of your plants. Usually pink hydrangea plants will be easier to grow than the blue ones. For better nutrient absorption, some special containers can be used for better result.

Image provided By Titus Tscharntke [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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