Pink Flowering Trees

Pink Flowering Trees

Pink is an attractive color indicating the coming of the spring. There are a number of pink flowering trees which you can choose to decorate your spring garden. Before planting any trees, you should do a thorough research on the habitat of the trees, the zone of your home and how long the tree can bloom etc.

The dogwood tree is a popular tree family which is preferred by many homes. As a member of the dogwood family, the pink dogwood is chosen by many gardeners to decorate their gardens. It can tolerate most soil types and need very little maintenance once the roots have been established. It prefers partial sunlight and can grow up to 25 feet in height. It can produce the pink blossoms for nearly the whole year. Apart from the attractive blossoms, they can also produce red fruits in winter, providing some extra snacks for your family.

The royal empress tree is another pink flowering tree which is one of the most fast-growing trees in the world. Under normal conditions, it can grow more than 10 feet in a single year. The adult trees can grow up to 50 feet with a similar spread. It like partial sunlight and well-drained soil conditions, and produce a bunch of pink flowers in winter days.

The autumn blooming cherry tree is a common pink blossom tree which prefers to grow in mild zones. It can grow more than 30 feet in height with a slightly smaller spread. It can tolerate full sunlight or partial shade. It can produce a large amount of pink blossoms in spring and it is a good choice to decorate your spring garden. Another outstanding feature of this tree is the red bark in winter which adds some landscaping value for your backyard.

Image provided By liz west from Boxborough, MA (dogwood branches) [CC-BY-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

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