Pink And Green Leaf House Plants

Pink And Green Leaf House Plants

If your home is full of colors like brown and grey, some pink house plants with green leaves might be best suitable for the whole color scheme. There are a number of indoor plants you can choose from depending on the sizes and features of these plants. They are all featured with attractive pink colors with dense green leaves.

The bromeliad is a famous flower family which is originated from the Central and South America. Most members in this family will be cultivated as indoor plants for the attractive colors and shape. Some varieties such as pink quill has beautiful pink blossoms which can fit your surrounding well if the main color scheme is brown. They can grow well in both the full sunlight conditions and partial shade areas. However, the color of the leaves will turn into yellow if they are exposed under the full sunlight for a long time. The temperature requirement for growing this plant is about 60F and the humidity is about 50 percent. Some auxiliary humidity appliances such as a container full with water can be applied to provide the moisture for them.

If you have ever grown a bonsai tree in your home, you should be familiar with the watering frequency for these trees. You should only water your bromeliad plants when the surface of the soil is dry. You should avoid over-watering your plants and there should be no more than once a week. During each watering, you should make sure that excessive water can flow out from the drainage hole at the bottom of the pot. Over-watering your plants may cause its roots to rot quickly.

Although bromeliad plants do not need too much maintenance during its growth process, you still need to do some pruning work to keep it tidy and clean. A sterilized pruning is required to do the trimming and you should quickly get rid of the trimmed branches to avoid fungi infections. Bromeliad plants can be infected by some pests like mites and mealy bugs, and some pesticide can be helpful to keep them under control.

Image provided By Omer Fancy (Flickr: Bromeliad Flower) [CC-BY-SA-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

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