Pine Tree Roots

Pine Tree Roots

As a common ornamental conifer tree species, pine trees are planted in thousands of gardens to server as wind shield and landscaping trees. However, there are a few things underground you may not know. They usually develop two kinds of roots. Tap roots are shallow roots which are usually grow in a place near the surface of the soil. Tap roots will live for a long time, and they will constantly replaced by new roots. Pine trees also have some deeper roots which will submerge into the deep side of the soil to get nutrients and water for the tree.

Pine trees are great landscaping evergreen trees in a backyard which can provide all-year-long green foliages even in cold winter. However, you should think of the size of the tree when they are fully grown. You should avoid planting them too close to your house in case of being affected by their coarse roots. Most of the pine tree roots are growing vertically into a deep location of the soil instead of expanding horizontally. However, if your foundation already some cracks or cleavages with plenty of water and nutrients, the tree roots will be easily attracted into there. You should choose some correct types of pine trees like Black Hills spruce if you worry about that.

If your pine trees already cause some damages on your properties or sewage pipes, you should do some actions for that. You should find out the location where the pine roots cause an issue, and analyze the risk of removal these roots. You should consult some arborists for some professional ideas. Then you should dig around the roots and provide adequate space for sawing. Then it is time to saw the roots near the trunk. Try your best to make the cut clean which will keep the tree to be healthy after the pruning.

Image provided by Ann Harrison [CC-BY-SA-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

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