Pests On Citrus Trees

Pests On Citrus Trees

Most citrus trees can tolerate pests and fungi. However, some members of the citrus family can be infected by various pests although there is not a common kind of pest can infect all citrus members. Generally, among all pest species, there are some typical pests like Leaf miners, scale and citrus mites which will greatly affect the health of citrus trees.

Aphids is a common pest species for citrus trees. Although a small amount of aphids can do very little damage on citrus tree, they will grow rapidly to be harmful to your trees especially in the growing season. The main method of attack on trees is that they like to suck the sap of the trees from leaves. You can see the leaves attacked by aphids to be yellow and leave twisting. They can also make the leaves drop and make the branches die quickly. To control the spread of aphids, you can use some latest pesticide from the local nurseries. They should be sprayed into the areas where the concentration point of the insects. Generally, one treatment is enough to remove most aphids on your tree.

The citrus whitefly is a member of the fly family and it is no longer than 1/10 inch in height. They usually reside on the underside of leaves. They will feed from the leaves and then lay eggs on underside of leaves as well. When the larva come out, they will feed on the leaves, and thus making the leaves to be covered with a type of sticky substance. During the growing season, the amount of citrus whitefly will increase rapidly. Some pesticide can be used to control the burst of these insects. Some good examples of these chemical sprays are Bug Buster or Trounce. They can effectively decrease the number of whiteflies and make the damage under-controlled.

Image provided By Phuong Tran [CC-BY-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

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