Pecans vs Walnuts

Pecans vs Walnuts

If you are a nut lover and consume a variety of nuts each day, you may be very familiar with pecans and walnuts. They are two popular nuts consumed by millions of people every day. They are full of nutrients such as protein and fibre, and are used as snacks or sources for making other food like cakes, muffins and bread. Also, they both contain a great amount of unsaturated fat, which is believed to be able to lower the cholesterol levels of a human body.

Regarding the fat content, both nuts contain nearly the same amount of fat per serving. However, the percentage of unsaturated fat is slightly different. Pecans contain more unsaturated fat than the walnuts. Generally, unsaturated fat have two subcategories, namely, mono-unsaturated and poly-unsaturated. Both nuts contain a certain amount of these categories. For instance, the mono-unsaturated fat and poly-saturated fat contained in one ounce of walnut is 2.5g and 13g respectively, while they are 12g and 6g in pecan nuts.

Fibre is another important type of nutrient which is abundant in both nuts. The vegetable fibre can help you to decrease your food taken and be helpful for your weight loss efforts. If they can be taken as snacks every day, it can help you a lot to realize your goal of weight loss. Regarding the calories, both nuts contain a high amount of calories from the fat contents. Generally, there are 180 calories contained in one ounce of walnuts and 200 calories contained in the same amount of pecan nuts.

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