Pear Tree Root System

Pear Tree Root System

The root system of pear trees especially those ornamental pear trees may have issues with sidewalks or pavements in your garden. If you see some damaged sidewalk, you may think of cutting the roots but this may weaken the health of your trees. You can use some strategies to plant these trees such as leave adequate space between individual trees. This can help you to save some efforts to repair damaged pavement in your backyard in the future.

Since most pear trees have shallow roots which will be easily pop out to the surface of the ground. This makes it unsuitable for planting beside some paved sidewalks because of their invasive roots. The tight space between the tree and the sidewalk make them easy to break the concrete easily. Due to the fact that the roots are expanding for nutrients and water, they may tangle in these hard materials and form some tripping areas. So, you should leave adequate space before planting an ornamental pear tree beside the pavement and sidewalk.

The ideal space between two individual trees depends on the size of the tree. Generally, most pear trees will grow up to 30 feet in height with a similar span. The trees should be planted in a distance with the nearest sidewalk in at least the size of their canopy span. Some part of the tree roots will grow as far as the edge of the canopy to get more water and nutrients. Too little space between two trees will make their roots interfere with each other.

Image provided By C. E. Price [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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