Peach Tree Food

Peach Tree Food

As a common fruit tree cultivated in all around of the world, peach trees need some maintenance from time to time to get the best production. Fresh peach fruits contain abundant vitamins and fibers which are good to maintain health. You need to pay attention to the fertilizer of your trees because regular feeding can enable the trees to produce high quality fruits and lower the risk of being infected by various diseases.

Actually, you should provide the correct type of food for the soil before planting peach trees. It may take one or two years for the soil to become fertile for planting fruit trees. When preparing the soil, some organic matters such as compost or manure can be used to enrich the soil. When the soil preparation is done, you should make a thorough test for the soil to ensure that the soil is perfect for planting peach trees.

New peach trees should use some balanced fertilizer recipe such as a 12-12-12 fertilizer for nutrient supplement. The fertilizing trail should form a circle from the trunk of the tree. The ideal time for fertilizing should be in spring before the growth starts. The amount of fertilizer used for trees should depend on the structure and fertility of the soil. Generally, well-drained soil need more fertilizer and compact soil need less.

Image provided By Dusan Bicanski [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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