Peach Tree Disease

Peach Tree Disease

Peach trees can be infected by a number of diseases which are mainly caused by fungi or some pests. Some insects will damage the tree bark, making the disease get in easily. Also, some insect larvae will feed on the tree trunk, resulting in the demise of the tree. Do not be frustrated if you see some unusual things on your peach trees. Most of the diseases can be effectively prevented if you regularly do some pruning and maintenance for your trees.

Some peach diseases are caused by fungi which are prevalent in humid and hot areas. If your home is located in zone with such weather, you should regularly apply some sanitation measures for your trees to decrease the chance of being infected by fungi. Some newly pruned old branches should be cleared instantly to avoid the case of being infected. Some other maintenance methods like mowing and mulching should be applied from time to time to enhance the health of the trees. Apart from fungi, another medium of spread of diseases is insects. You should consult a professional gardener for some detailed information of the harmful insects.

The Brown rot disease is a common disease infected by fungi. This disease will affect the fruit of the tree by leaving brown spots on its surface. The size of the spots will be extended over time, making the fruit dry out eventually. This disease will severely affect the health of a peach tree and it will spread very quickly if left unattended. You should instantly prune the infected branches and twigs to stop the quick spread of the disease. Some fungicide can be applied for treatment.

Scab is another disease which will grow scab on the fruits. It will grow green spot on the fruit skin and it will turn bigger and bigger. Although the infected fruit is still edible if the skin is peeled, the taste will not be as good as a healthy peach. To prevent this disease, you should do some pruning work frequently to improve the air circulation in branches.

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