Paperbark Birch

Paperbark Birch

Originated from European countries, the paperbark birch tree is famous for its white paper-like bark and its straight trunk. Currently it is a popular deciduous landscaping tree in all around the world especially in Asian and America. Its peeling white bark and its brown foliage make it unique in other ornamental trees.

The paperbark birch trees can easily grow more than 50 feet in height with straight trunk. The diameter of the trunk can be more than a foot and its foliage is featured with the serrated edges. If are interested with planting some birch trees in your garden, there are many options you can choose from the local nurseries. Some dwarf versions of birch trees also have colourful foliages such as Purple Splendor and Scarlet Glory. Some varieties have different shape of foliages as well. You can choose your desired option depending on your landscaping requirement for your garden.

Generally, birch trees should grow in cold climates instead of warm zones. Although they prefer full sunlight during its growth, they can grow well in partial shade as well. They like grow in well-drained soil conditions and you need to apply adequate water for them for their growth. Some pruning work is necessary to maintain its shape and health. Professional pruning will make a shape for them to withstand strong winds in winter and lower the risk of having broken branches. Paperbark birch trees are also susceptible to some pests like Bronze birch borer etc. You should keep an eye on your birch trees on any dangerous pests and take action as early as possible. Some chemical pesticide can be applied to control the spreading of those pests.

Image provided By Nissy-KITAQ (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

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