Olive Tree Problems

Olive Tree Problems

Olive trees can produce delicious olive fruits for people. However, there might be some problems when planting olive trees in your garden such as weeds, pests and diseases. You need to pay some attention to these issues and take actions as quick as possible to lower the risk of reduced production.

Weeds are one of the common issues olive trees may have especially for those young trees. Weeds are usually fast-growing plants which will compete for nutrients and water with olive trees. You can regularly remove the weeds manually to facilitate the growth of the tree. You should be careful to protect the barks and trunk of the young trees. Some chemical weed killers can also be used as long as they have no harm to the tree. After the removal of weeds, you should use some mulching materials to the soil to suppress the growth of more weeds in the future. Mulching can also help preserve the moisture in cold days. Some commonly used mulching materials include wood chips or straw.

Olive trees may be infected by some pests such as some species of Mediterranean fruit fly. These flies will be harmful to the olive fruits instead of the trees. The eggs will be laid on the olive fruits and the larvae will feed on the flesh of the olive. Some pesticide can be used to control these insects. Apart from insects, olive trees are also susceptible to some fungi disease. Spilocaea oleaginea is a fungus which will affect the foliage of an olive tree. The infected leave will show some silver spots on the surface. In severe cases, the tree will lose most of its leaves and die. Another fungus, verticillium dahlia, will infect the trees when they are over-watered. The leaves will turn to brown and fall eventually. Some fungicide can be applied to control the diseases.

Image provided By Gandalf (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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