Oak Tree Mulch

Oak Tree Mulch

Putting a layer of mulch for oak trees can provide a method to preserve moisture and suppress the growth of weeds. Generally, a layer of organic mulch for more than 4 inches is enough for oak trees to keep the moisture and make soil cooler in summer. They can also work as a protection for the tree bark from some occasional hurt from some tools like mowers.

Firstly, you need to calculate how much mulch is required for the base of the oak tree. You need to measure the width and length to decide the total area of the mulch-covering area. You should consider the drip line of the tree which is the width of the tree canopy. Once the area is calculated, you should multiply the area by the desired thickness of the layer to get the total volume of the required mulching materials. Then it is time to get the necessary mulching substances from the local nurseries. If you prefer to make the organic mulching things by yourself, you can prepare them beforehand. Remember to prepare a bit of more than you calculated volume. It will ensure that there is no deficiency of mulching material during the application.

Then it is time to mulch around your oak tree. You should do some cleaning work around the base of the tree to remove weeds before applying any mulch on the soil. You should avoid putting mulch on any living plants because it will easily sprout out of the mulch layer. Some tools can be used for the weed removal. You should be careful when using tools to get rid of weeds to avoid hurting their roots. The last step is to spread the much evenly around the tree root. If necessary, you should use a rake to make the pile smooth.

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